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The Caribbean Beauty Agenda

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

My mother told me that the most beautiful thing she ever saw was on November 12th,1971 minutes after midnight. That beauty happened to be me, she loved my face, she loved my hands and feet, she loved my fingers, she loved my eyes, she loved my hair and she loved my skin. The sound of my first cry sounded like music.

I always remember the love my mother taught me to have for everything about me.

Let's talk Caribbean Beauty, our face shows all the brightness from the sunshine of the Caribbean Sun. Our skin tone reflects the deep diversity of our "Out of Many One People Motto." Our voices reflects the deep love of life and the understanding of pain from the bottom of the slave boats to the highest point of the coffee producing Blue Mountain Peaks of Jamaica.

Let's travel through the Caribbean and start at the South - Trinidad "chipping down de road to the Soca Beat, to Jamaica in the North dancing to the rhythm of Reggae Music and all the musical Celebration of the other eleven countries in between.

We are a diverse group and we hold the belief that we are the most beautiful people in the World.

Our Beauty Agenda starts with loving ourselves and taking care of all the beautiful gifts our mother first witnessed when we were born.

Let's Talk Skin

How much do we LOVE our skin?

How do we take CARE of our skin?

Beauty is Skin Deep - this a saying that I have heard many times before?

We will go with the literal words and not the other sayings.

Our skin is a major part of how we look and so we must take care of it.

Let me hear from you about your Skincare while we dream of this beautiful beach in the Caribbean!!!!


Walk Good and Chat with you soon!!!

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