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How lonely can this get?


The story of a monster called loneliness that has stuck around for far too long.

I can't imagine how the beach is feeling not having any recent visitors. I am sure she is feeling abandoned and heartbroken like me.

Waking up every day and waiting for Saturday around 2:30 pm with the voice coming live from another news conference saying "as of midnight tonight beaches will be reopening "

No such luck as yet Maracas, Las Cuevas, Cedros, Grand Riviere, Toco, Mayaro and and all my other beautiful beaches. We will patiently wait for the upcoming meetings.

I know we will be seeing you all soon. We will definitely continue our Caribbean Beauty Agenda as we look through the windows and smile at you as we drive by and pray to hug your sandy shores and feel the splash of your waves.

Much Love and missing you!!!

Your lonely friend from The Caribbean Beauty Agenda.

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